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Je'Doll skin care was established in May 2018 by Zhane' Johnson. Je'Doll skin care caters to all skin types and disorders. Our brand uses 100% natural & organic ingredients. We offer vegan friendly products, and out brand doesn't condone or support animal cruelty.

  • African Black Soap

    JeDoll skincare african black soap gentley exfoliates your skin, helps fight acne, lightens blemishes/ acne scarring. This soap is infused with vitamin e oil which means it will moisturize your skin leaving it soft and smooth to the touch, plus a sun kissed glow. Our African black soap is great for eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and other skin conditions. This product is 100% vegan and doesn’t contain
    any milk, or nut

  • Frenchie Face & Body Bar

    This beauty bar gently and deeply cleanses your skin. Frenchie strips your skin of impurities without striping your skin or it’s natural oil production. It also tightens, & tones the skin leaving it smooth and radiant. This bar is suitable for sensitive skin. This bar is 100% vegan 

  • Glo Face & Body Scrub

    Glo Scrub Is Great for lightening dark spots and acne scars. This scrub also helps people who suffer from eczema. This scrub can be used daily and weekly. If you’re consistent with this product you’ll notice your skins’ improvement in a week.

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Beauty Bars

Beauty Bars

In this collection you'll find our signature beauty bars, these bars are...